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A smooth golf experience

OnTag is a Scorecard solution that can be used directly on your mobile or in paper format.

Always up-to-date scorecards

The scorecards never become outdated as they are created on check-in with just a few button presses.

Generate revenue

With the right sponsors and advertisers, scorecards can generate revenue.
What is OnTag?

OnTag is a scorecard solution designed for golf clubs

We help golf clubs create unique and personalized scorecards using smart solutions.

Integrate with your favorite booking provider

OnTag can be integrated with any booking or tee sheet provider for a seamless booking, check-in golf experience.

Track extra strokes

OnTag automatically calculates extra strokes for each hole, allowing players to focus on what we all love to do - play golf!
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How it works

Players check in

Members and guests register at the reception or directly in the OnTag mobile app.

Scorecards are created

With a simple press, the scorecard is customized with player details directly from the club's booking system.

Ready to play

The players choose between a printed scorecard or keeping track of their scores directly on their mobile phones. Now, they are ready for the tee!
The OnTag Scorecard mobile app

Everything you need for your golf round

Players check-in on the app and receive all their details directly on the scorecard on their mobile phones.

Golf course details

The app displays the course guide, and with the help of GPS, players can see the exact distance to the front, back and centre of the green.

Calculates for the players

The OnTag app calculates extra strokes, net results, and scores for the players. After the golf round, updating one's handicap is easily done.
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More than 300 golf clubs use OnTag

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